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17 July 1982
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Hey there!

Huh. I suck at these bio things. So I'll just give a rundown of the basics. 26 years old (when the heck did that happen?!), living in Calgary, AB, Canada. In what little time I have that isn't occupied by working, sleeping or complaining, I consider myself a writer, with a special affection for NaNoWriMo-type events. I enjoy collecting books, and sometimes I even read them.

I have an aversion to human contact in prolonged doses, so I spend more time alone and online than I should. It gets depressing, but then again, so does being surrounded by evil-in-training.

I am a Shemsu with the Kemetic Orthodox faith. I was divined as a daughter of Yinepu-Wepwawet and Bast, beloved of Djehuty. My Shemsu name, as you can probably tell, is Katawysenu, which means "the handiwork of two".